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Dr. Sandy Dettman, opiods, 12-06-17  |Listen Now|

AG Bill Schuette, 12-06-17  |Listen Now|

Tim Maylone, Cherry Capital Communications, 12-01-17  |Listen Now|

Catherine Zemanek, Convention of States, Michigan legislative liaison  11-30-17  |Listen Now|

State Rep. Triston Cole, P-3 11-29-17  |Listen Now|

Anika Dy, Miss Golf, TC West Golf 11-29-17  |Listen Now|

John Scott, NHL All Star Game MVP on S.W.A.T. (CBS)  11-28-17  |Listen Now|

Ryan Duffy, Enbridge, 11-28-17  |Listen Now|

Mike Lipp, CPA with Rehmann,  tax reform proposal 11-17-17  |Listen Now|

State Sen. Patrick Colbeck running for Governor 11-17-17 |Listen Now|

Jack Segal IAF and John Beyrle former Ambassador to Russia, 11-16-17  |Listen Now|

Phil Caputo, author 11-15-17 |Listen Now|

Steve Francis,  Constitutional attorney (ADF), on Masterpiece Cake Bakery case 11-09-17  |Listen Now|

Dr. Murray Howe, 9 Lessons I Learned From My Father  (Gordie Howe) 11-06-17  |Listen Now|

Jeff Smith, author – Becoming Amish on fatal Amish buggy crash in Montcalm 10-30-17  |Listen Now|

Don Bailey, Mich Medical Marihuana Licensing Board 10-25-17  |Listen Now|

St. Senators Wayne Schmidt and Tonya Schuitmaker 10-23-17 |Listen Now|

Joyce Harrington Bahle re: Jim Harrison 10-19-17  |Listen Now|

Scott Hardy – Discussing Traverse City/Development/Downtown 10-19-17 Listen Now

Terry McDonnell NWS 10-10-17  |Listen Now|

Chris Struble, Michigan Hemingway Society  Conference, 9-28-17  |Listen Now|

Beth Nielsen Chapman 9-25-17  |Listen Now|

Tom Constand, Brain Injury Association of Mich. , auto ins. reform 9-28-17 |Listen Now|

Ray Franz, former State Rep on auto ins. reform 9-27-17 |Listen Now|

Beth Nielsen-Chapman 9-25-17 |Listen Now|

Jimmy Somi and Ben Goodman, A Mind At Play (Claude Shannon story) |Listen Now|

Cory Trepanier, filmmaker/artist and Jason Dake (Dennos Museum) 9-15-17 |Listen Now|

Dave Elliott WGUF-Naples, FL  IRMA  9-12-17 |Listen Now|

Doug Stanton, author, The Odyssey of Echo Company 9-11-17 |Listen Now|

KC McAlpin, US, Inc on DACA 6-09-17 |Listen Now|

Bob Downes, author Windigo Moon, 9-05-17  |Listen Now||Listen Now|

Don Bailey, Mich Medical Marihuana Licensing Board 9-01-17 |Listen Now

Rachel B (Little Good Bad), 9-01-17 |Listen Now|

Ryan Duffy, Enbridge, 9-01-17, |Listen Now|

Aaron Draplin, Draplin Design Co.  8-24-17  ||Listen Now|

State Rep. Triston Cole on autonomous vehicles/MCity 8-24-17 |Listen Now|

Leonard Morrow, Manton Schools Superintenent, 8-23-17 |Listen Now|

Doug Stanton, author-In Harm’s Way, on discovery of USS Indianapolis 8-21-17 |Listen Now|

Wendy Nienhouse, Agevix and Roxanne Goldammer, Neurorestorative 8-16-17 |Listen Now|

Bart Stupak, “For All Americans: The Dramatic Story Behind the Stupak Amendment and the Historic Passage of Obamacare”   8-03-17   |Listen Now|

U.S. Senate candidate (former Mich St. Supreme Court Chief Justice) Bob Young, 8-02-17 |Listen Now|

Scott Hebert, PGA pro 7-25-17 |Listen Now|

Victor Ghalib Begg, Sr. Advisor, Michigan Muslim Community Council, 7-19-17 |Listen Now|

Julie Buntin, author Marleena 7-13-17  ||Listen Now|

First Whale Watch report of the season 7-11-17 |Listen Now|

G.T. Commissioner Sonny Wheelock on feral cats driving around town 7-11-17 |Listen Now|

Lt. Governor Brian Calley, 7-07-17 |Listen Now|

Barbara Rykwalder, DTE Regional Mgr, 7-07-17 |Listen Now|

W. Bruce Cameron, author A Dog’s Purpose, 7-06-17 |Listen Now|

Traverse Legal/ Drone Law pro – Enrico Schaefer and Advance Resource Consulting- Thys DeBruyn at Paris Air Show  6-22-17 |Listen Now|

Julia Glass, National Book Award Winner, 6-20-17 |Listen Now|

Dr. Cindy Statler, Michigan Therapeutic Consultants, opiate abuse, 6-19-17 |Listen Now|

Congressman Jack Bergman talks about avoiding the shooter at the Alexandria ball field, gun control, and social media  6-15-17 |Listen Now|

Jonathan Klinger, VP-PR-Hagerty, Great Race, 6-14-17 |Listen Now|

Dr. Richard Zeile, co-prez, State Board of Education, on gender neutral bathroom policy. 6-12-17 |Listen Now|

Tyler Nash, TC Human Rights Commission (Sanctuary City)  6-02-17 |Listen Now|

GT County Sheriff Tom Bensley 5-31-17 |Listen Now|

Darren McGrady (former chef to Princess Di) and Dave Denison (amical) 5-30-17 |Listen Now|

Starla Owens, President N. Mich. Gold Star Families 5-26-17 |Listen Now|

Amy Hansen and Janet Oliver (author and illustrator) Fire Bird: The Kirtland’s Warbler Story 5-22-17 |Listen Now|

Steve Hamilton, author, 5-17-17 |Listen Now|

Mike Carey, COO-ATLAS Space Operations, Russ Schindler, Chairman -Startology 5-12-17 |Listen Now||

Rich Brauer, filmmaker, Brauer Productions, Fitful: Lost Directors Cut 5-12-17 |Listen Now|

TC West Jazz Band members 5-10-17 |Listen Now|

The One and Only Jack Driscoll, author 5-03-17 |Listen Now|

Chris Radu, GT County Pension Adv Board  5-02-17 |Listen Now|

Jack Segal and Larry Mandel, IAF (Turkey) 4-20-17 |Listen Now|

Greg Iles and Doug Stanton, Nat’l Writers Series, 4-12-17 |Listen Now|

Nelson Switzer, VP/Chief Sustainability Officer for Nestle Inc. 4-11-17 |Listen Now|

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley and St Sen. Wayne Schmidt 4-10-17 |Listen Now|

BATA millage.  Kelly Dunham and Eric Lingaur, 4-10-17 |Listen Now|

Becky Byers, Beaver Island Boat Co. 4-10-17 |Listen Now|

Kaylee Mansfield – got engaged at top of Mackinac Bridge!  4-07-17 |Listen Now|

Blair Moss, Buckley Bears basketball coach, 3-27-17 |Listen Now|

Chris Struble, Michigan Hemingway Society, Hemingway events 3-24-17 |Listen Now|

Nat’l Writers Series Battle of the Books 3-17-17 |Listen Now|

Maritime Heritage Alliance, Nancy Thornton and Rycki Hill 3-14-17 |Listen Now|

Casey Cowell, 3-13-17 |Listen Now|

Thera-Cann U.S. Prez Richard Goodman, 3-10-17 |Listen Now|

Tom Valenti, Forthright Health, Direct Primary Care 3-10-17 |Listen Now|

Marc McKellar, Kingsley DDA 3-09-17 |Listen Now|

Colby Taylor, Dr. Steven Bucci, Covenant Defense 3-09-17 |Listen Now|

Blair Moss, coach of undefeated Buckley Bears 3=08-17 |Listen Now|

Commander Greg Matys, USCG Air Station TC 3-06-17 |Listen Now|

Kevon Martis, Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition, 2-27-17 |Listen Now|

Bob James and Nancy Stagnitta, 3-03-17 |Listen Now|

Rep. Larry Inman on income tax break, 3-03-17 |Listen Now|

Rep. Lee Chatfield on income tax break, 3-02-17 |Listen Now|

John Scott (NHL All-Star Game MVP), 2-20-17 |Listen Now|

Gleaves Whitney, director GVSU Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies 2-20-17 |Listen Now|

Amanda Allen, Girl Scout Cookies for the Troops, 2-20-17 |Listen Now|

Maggie Rathke, Westminster Dog Show, 2-16-17 |Listen Now|

Black and Gold newspaper  Julia Vannatter, Andrea Bavikatty, and Kirsten Berkey  2-13-17 |Listen Now|

Nick Forseman and Jason Elsenheimer, Old Friends  2-07-17 |Listen Now|

Mike and Dawn Fisher, MFD Classic Motors 2-01-17 |Listen Now|

Stephen Lewis, author, Murder Undone 1-25-17 |Listen Now|

Kevin Elsenheimer 1-10-17 on being appointed to 13th Circuit Court |Listen Now|

Ray Franz, 1-05-17 |Listen Now|

Ed Ness, CEO Munson Healthcare Systems, 12-29-16 |Listen Now|

Frank Siepker Jr., The Glen Lake Christmas Tree boat 12-22-16 |Listen Now|

Governor Rick Snyder, 12-16-16 |Listen Now|

Bill O. Smith, 4 a.m. December 25th author, 12-07-16 |Listen Now|

Michael LaFaive, Mackinac Ctr. Pure Michigan study,  12-07-16 |Listen Now|

Kim Morse, Golden Intentions 12-06-16  |Listen Now||Listen Now|

Ronna Romney McDaniel, Mich. GOP Chair on recounts 12-02-16 |Listen Now|

David Aldrich, Rooftop Reindeer Farms, 12-01-16 |Listen Now|

Jack Hobey and Barbara Siepker, authors  12=01=16 |Listen Now|

Ray Pleva, sells Pleva International, 11-28-16 |listen Now|

Jack Segal (International Affairs Forum, retired diplomat) explains history of Israeli conflict  11-17-16 |Listen Now|

Marshal Collings Jr and Jacob Wheeler re: confederate flag incident 11-14-16 |Listen Now|

Betsy Coffia, Dem candidate for 104th, 11-04-16 |Listen Now|

Nathan Davis, Charlevoix Middle School, 11-03-16 |Listen Now|

Governor Rick Snyder, 104th State Rep. Larry Inman, 101st candidate Kurt Vanderwolen 10-31-16 |Listen Now|

Maureen Owen, Live From Charlevoix, 10-17-16 |Listen Now|

Steve Francis, Jane Breederland, Traverse Classical Academy 10-20-16 |Listen Now|

Rear Admiral David Titley, climate change (IAF)  10-20-16 |Listen Now|

Bill O. Smith (author), Glenn Wolff (illustrator), Tim Luckey, Vice-Commander Cherryland VFW Post re: It’s 4am December 25th |Listen Now|

David Maraniss, Detroit Once In A Great City, 10-06-16 |Listen Now|

Chris Struble, president, Michigan Hemingway Society, 10-06-16 |Listen Now|

State Senators Wayne Schmidt and Mike Kowall, 9-266-16, |Listen Now|

Steve Francis, Alliance Defending Freedom, free speech issues 9-22-16 |Listen Now|

Walkin’ In Memphis with Marc Cohn, 9-23-16 |Listen Now|

Concealed Carry Match, Jim Minthorn, 9-21-16 |Listen Now|

M-22 Matt and Keegan Myers and attorney John Di Giacomo, 9-20-16 |listen Now|

Attorney General Bill Schuette, 9-16-16 |Listen Now|

Jack Bergman, Republican candidate, 1st Congressional district, 9-15-16 |Listen Now|

Lon Johnson, Democrat candidate, 1st Congressional district, 9-12-16 |Listen Now|

Author Patricia Muth, Susan Esser–Helton, “A Title in the Making” re: Perot movement of the 90’s laying foundation for similar movement today with Trump   |Listen Now|

Gen. Jack Bergman, 1st Cong. District candidate, 8-19-16 |Listen Now|

David Holt, Consumer Energy Alliance, 8-15-16 |Listen Now|

Jason Gillman, GT County GOP resolution re: Governor Milliken, 8-12-16 |Listen Now|

David Malpass, Trump economic advisor (from East Jordan), 8-11-16 |Listen Now|

Col. Alan West, 8-08-16, Northwood University Economic Symposium |Listen Now|

Clint Hill (former Secret Service agent) and Lisa McCubbin (author) Five Presidents 8-08-16 |Listen Now|

Shane Inman and Fusion Love, 8-04-16, |Listen NOw|

Red Dirt Road Marie Eckstein and Lin Alessio 7-18-16 |Listen Now|

David Kahn, millennials and the presidential race, 7-29-16 |Listen Now|

TBA Transisition program, Mimi Spaulding and Renee Sencer, 7-28-16 |Listen Now|

Enbridge Energy VP of U.S. Operations, Brad Shamla, 7-21-16 |Listen Now|

Michael Townsend, VP Legislative/Regulatory Affairs, Charles Schwab & Co.  7-22-16 |Listen Now|

Great Lakes Arts Center, Michael Kaiser, Artistic Director 6-29-16 |Listen Now|

Richard and Kathy Verlander  6-06-16 |Listen Now|

Crooked Tree Arts Council with Cowell Family Cancer Center friends, 6-09-16 Listen Now

Kevin Elsenheimer, MSHDA, 5-27-16 |Listen Now|

Grand Traverse Academy, Susan Dameron Lea Piche, 5-12-16 |Listen Now|

Chuck Pfarrer, former Navy SEAL, author, “Philip Nolan: The Man Without A Country 5-09-16 |Listen Now|

Detroit Public Schools sickout, 5-03-16 |Listen Now|

Valerie Hemingway, Chris Struble (Hemingway Society of Mich), 4-27-16 |Listen Now|

Mark Risk, attorney.  Unemployment fraud fraud, 4-20-16 |Listen Now|

Jack Bergman announcing candidacy for 1st Congressional District, 4-12-16 |Listen Now|

Michael LaFaive, Mackinac Center, PURE Michigan4-13-16 |Listen Now|

State Rep. Larry Inman, 4-11-16 |Listen Now|

Jason Gillman running for State Rep 104th, 4-04-16 |Listen Now|

Michael Delp, author/poet, 4-07-16 Listen Now|

Chris Struble, Michigan Hemingway Society, 3-30-16 |Listen Now|

Doug Stanton on passing of Jim Harrison 3-28-16 |Listen Now|

Jack Segal, retired State Dept. diplomat, ISIS and Central Asia, 3-17-16 |Listen Now|

Jeff Winegard, Top O’ Michigan Trails Marathon, 3-14-16 |Listen Now|

Jery Linenger, astronaut 3-16-16 |Listen Now|

Frank Caliendo, comedian impressionist, 3-15-16 |Listen Now|

Lake Michigan Whale Report, July 2012 |Listen Now|

Eric Trump, Son of…3-08-16, |Listen Now|

The Story Next Door – Homer Nye 3-3-16 Listen Now

Ohio Governor, presidential candidate, John Kasich, 2-16-16 |Listen Now|

Jim Feeley, Fox TV animator (American Dad) on WTCM Art Review with Paul LaPorte from Crooked Tree Art Center  2-15-16 |Listen Now|

Governor Snyder 2-12-16 |Listen Now|

Atty. General Bill Schuette, 2-12-16 |Listen Now|

Travis Mulhauser, author of Sweet Girl, 2-05-16 |Listen Now|

Rep. Aaron Miller on bill that would allow TESLA dealerships in Mich.  2-03-16 |Listen Now|

Doug and Anne Stanton, Nat’l Writers series 01-18-16 |Listen Now|

Jack Nowland, Silver Lake rental issue, 12-16-15 |Listen Now|

Governor Rick Snyder, 12-09-15 |Listen Now|

Tom Menzel, GT County Administrator, 12-03-15 |Listen Now|

Ross Richardson, Michigan Mysteries, 12-05-15 |Listen Now |

Chris Shepler in Paris at time of terror attack 11-10-15 |Listen Now|

Jan Scruggs, founder Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 11-13-15 |Listen Now|

State Rep. Triston Cole, re: road funding plan, 10-26-15 |Listen Now|

Jane Louise Boursaw, Old Mission Gazette, 10-21-15 |Listen Now|

Pete Hoekstra, Architects of Disaster, 10-20-15 |Listen Now|

A few words about my friend John DuFermont 10-07-15 |Listen Now|

Mary Fakulak, E. Jordan Chamber, Green Light Business Competition, 10-01-15 |Listen Now|

Victor Begg, Mich. Muslim Community Council, 9-28-15 |Listen Now|

Lt. Detective Frank Keck, Mich. State Police, 9-24-15 |Listen Now|

Anne Reeves, NHL Prospects and Red Wings Training Camps 9-09-15 |Listen Now|

Jerry Popeil, US Coast Guard incident management advisor re: emergency drills with Enbridge Energy 9-02-15 |Listen Now|

Pastor LeVon Yuille, GT Right to Life speaker 8-31-15 |Listen Now|

Sen. Gary Peters, 8-21-15 |Listen Now|

Nik Carman, 9-year old musician, 8-21-15 |Listen Now|

Jason Manshum, Enbridge Energy, 8-20-15 |Listen Now|

Mitch Albom on his play Ernie 8-05-15 |Listen Now|

Ms. Monet (supporting vocalist – Boz Scaggs) 7-27-15 |Listen Now|

Bill Schuette, Pipeline report, 7-15-15 |Listen Now|

Jack Segal, Iran Nuke Deal, 7-20-15 |Listen Now|

Greg Payne, Torch Lake Protection Alliance, 7-16-15 |Listen Now|

Jeff Blashill, Red Wings head coach, 7-08-15 |Listen Now|

Family of Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill, 7-03-15 |Listen Now|

BEES!  Kirk Jones, Sleeping Bear Farms, 6-25-15 |Listen Now|

Congressman Bill Huizenga, TPA, 6-2-15 |Listen Now|

U of M Alumni event.  Jerry Hanlon, David Colliver, 6-11-15 |Listen Now|

Mardi Link, author, 6-11-15 |Listen Now|

The Annual “Send Every Scout to Camp” Boy Scout Radiothon (June 4, 2015)


Michael LaFaive, Mackinac Center, tourism promotion study 6-02-15 |Listen Now|

Jake Bright, Jack Segal, The Next Africa 5-21-15 |Listen Now|

Jenna Moll, Coalition for Public Safety, 5-27-15 |Listen Now|

Trash Ease, John Cundy, 5-27-15 |Listen Now|

Florida restaurants and pets 5-20-15 (for Carol) |Listen Now|

St. Sen Wayne Schmidt and Sen. Majority Leader Arlan Meekhoff 5-18-15. |Listen Now|

Jeff Smith, Editor of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine discusses his story and experience on Gull Island *Includes conversations with Brian Price from the Leelanau Conservancy and Dr. James Ludwig, researcher who discovered the effects of DDT on the island gulls* (5-14-2015) Listen Now

Andy Mateja, author, The Rise and Fall of First Popeil Gadget Dynasty, 5=06=15 |Listen Now|

Ron Walters, The Lusitania Conspiracy, 4-27-15 |Listen Now|

Heather Durocher, Boston Marathon, 4-20-15 |Listen Now|

Former TC Junior Golf Assoc. Prez and TCC Golf Coach Bob Lober at The Masters 4-10-15    |Listen Now|

Steve Francis, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, 4-09-15   |Listen Now|

Ken Kragen, We Are the World Pt. 1,  4-02-15 |Listen Now|

Ken Kragen, We Are the World Pt. 2.  4-02-15 |Listen Now|

Ken Kragen, We Are the World Pt. 3,  4-02-15 |Listen Now|

Ken Kragen, We Are the World Pt. 4,  4-02-15 |Listen Now|

Brian Edwards and Piper the Cherry Capital Airport Dog! 4-06-15 |Listen Now|

Kevon Martis, Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition, 3-20-15 |Listen Now|

Alex and Alycia TCC Robotics 3-16-15 |Listen Now|

Deb Fellows, Janie McNabb 3-06-15 |Listen Now|

Suttons Bay Robotics, 3-05-15 |Listen Now|

Josh Kent, Sun Frog Shirts, 2-26-15 |Listen Now|

Dennis Clotworthy, former Detroit Tigers batboy, 2-23-15 |Listen Now|

Author Mardi Link, Wicked Takes the Witness Stand, 2-05-15 |Listen Now|

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Chuck Pfarrer 2=28=15 |Listen Now|

Jack Segal, Middle East, ISIS 2-16-15 |Listen Now|

Bill McCuddy 2-13-15 |Listen Now|

PO 3rd Class Tim Putman, Coast Guard dog rescue 2-04-15 |Listen Now|

Al Chisolm (The Contours) and Jeff Haas re: MLK Day concert 1-16-15 |Listen Now|

Lt. Governor Brian Calley 1-22-15 |Listen Now|

Jason Gillman re: Dave Agema 1-14-15 |Listen Now|

Congressman Dan Benishek, 1-12-15 |Listen Now|

Gaylord prostitution ring, Sg. Frank Claeys, 1-07-15 |Listen Now|

Aaron Cooke-NMC Aviation and Bill Donberg-Aetos 12-29-14 |Listen Now|

Rep. Ray Franz 12-22-14 |Listen Now|

Rep. Wayne Schmidt 12-22-14 |Listen Now|

Phoebe Jolly 12-24-14 |Listen Now|

Governor Snyder 12-15-14 |Listen Now|

Listener tributes to Merlin Dumbrille 12-05-14 |Listen Now |

Julie Metty Bennett, Public Sector Consultants, Electricity shortage in Michigan 12-01-14 |Listen Now|

Dennis O. Cawthorne, author, Mackinac Island: Inside, Up Close, and Personal 11-24-14 |Listen Now|

NWS authors: Brian Castner, Brian Turner, Benjamin Busch, Doug Stanton 11-19-14 |Listen Now|

Charles Duelfer and Jack Segal IAF, 11-21-14 |Listen Now|

Melanie Kurdys, Common Core 11-12-14 |Listen Now|

JA and Mrs. Rutt (TCC) How To Start A Business Class 11-11-14 |Listen Now|

My niece Phoebe.  11-6-14 |Listen Now|

Terry Wooten, Larry LeLito, Walking on Bullets, 11-05-14 |Listen Now|

Carter Oosterhouse 10-28-14 |Listen Now|

Rosanne Cash 10-23-14 |Listen Now|

Paul Sutherland F.I.M. Group 10-22-14 |Listen Now|

Charter Business Speaker Series, Mary Rogers-SBDC and Jason Warren, 10-15-14 |Listen Now|

Jack Segal re: ISIS & Ukraine 9-4-2014 Listen Now

Walt Muellenhagen, SBDC  9-03-14 |Listen Now|

Mark Lagerway, Baker College Manufacturing Expo and Picnic, 8-19-14 |Listen Now||Listen Now|

Dan Quisenberry, President, MI Assoc. of Public School Academies |Listen Now |

Carly Fiorina, former CEO/Chair of HP.  up-project.org  8-12-14 |Listen Now|

Mike Finney, CEO – MEDC, 8-05-14 |Listen Now|

Paul Soma, Lindsey Dickinson, TCAPS Internatioal Program 8-06-14 |Listen Now|

Rod Davenport, St. of Mich. Cyber Security Lunch 7-30-14 |Listen Now|

Greg MacMaster 37th St. Senate candidate 7/31/14 |Listen Now|

Wayne Schmidt 37th St. Senate candidate 7-31-14|Listen Now|

Greg MacMaster 37th St. Senate candidate 7-30-14 |Listen Now|

Lake Michigan Whale Watch Report for 7-29-14  |Listen Now|

Wayne Schmidt, 7-29-14 |Listen Now|

Chuck Pfarrer, former U.S. Navy SEAL, author, screenwriter 7-24-14 |Listen Now|

Harold Cronk, director, God’s Not Dead 7-25-14|Listen Now|

Paul Sutherland, F.I.M. Group/Utopia Foundation, 7-16-14 |Listen Now|

Ed McIntosh, BARC, Wounded Warriors, 7-11-14|Listen Now|

Trapper Ron (Ron Baker) 7-07-14 |Listen Now|

Dr. James Carafano, PhD, Heritage Foundation, discussing immigration, 7-10-14 | Listen Now |

Carter Oosterhouse, 7-03-14 |Listen Now|

Lou Kasiskche, Climbing Mt. Everest, author of After the Wind, 7-03-14 |Listen Now|

Rep. Wayne Schmidt re: minimum wage 5-28-14 |Listen Now|

Rep. Greg MacMaster re: road funding 5-16-14 |Listen Now|

Wine Warriors 5-08-14 |Listen Now|

Wayne Schmidt and Scott Woosley:  MHSDA 5-12-14 |Listen Now|


Tom Moran, Moran Iron Works, 12-10-14 |Listen Now|

WTCM Business Update – Mark Ebels, Ebels General Store of Falmouth (05-21-14) |Listen Now



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