The Christal Frost Show Audio

Cullen Schwarz – Done Good Project – 12/21/16  Listen Now

Mental Wellness Counseling- Dr. Marilyn Fitzgerald- Divorce & The Holidays 12/6/16 Listen Now

Meredith Hawes- NFPA Safety Show nfpa-092316

Ask the Experts – Scott Carter and Jeff Needham of Carter/Needham Insurance (9/20/16) Listen Now

Meredith Hawes- NFPA Safety Show wsg Jeff Sargent, Regional Electrical Code Specialist Listen Now

Steve Largent- Candidate for Grand Traverse County Drain Commissioner (7/28/2016) Listen Now

John Snow, Chair of the Grand Traverse County Democrat Party (7/27/2016)Listen Now

Senior Reach- Barb Worland & Krista Patz discuss this new pilot program which identifies the individual needs of Seniors 60 and older and matches them to area programs (6/22/2016) Listen Now

Beaver Island Music Festival- Moonshiner Tyler Wood (6/6/2016) Listen Now

East Middle School Journalism Students (5/24/16) Listen Now

Constance from Women’s Resource Center discusses the latest trending hashtag #MaybeHeDoesntHitMe and its overall impact on explaining that domestic violence isn’t always physical (5/20/2016) Listen Now

Mike Ackerly & Rob Humphreys discuss Comic Culture in anticipation of C4- the Cherry Capital Comic Con (5/20/16) Listen Now

Carlin Smith from Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce discusses the Federal mandate on increasing overtime eligibility for overtime employees (5/19/16) Listen Now

Tim Keenan, Veterans for Peace (5/17/16) Listen Now

Leland Art Show and discussion of storm on Aug 2, 2015 (5/17/16) Listen Now

The Accidentals LIVE in studio (5/11/16)Listen Now

Rising Country Star, Kari Lynch LIVE in studio (5/10/16) Listen Now

Actor, Former SNL Cast Member and Comedian Kevin Nealon (5/2/2016) Listen Now

Alex Smith- National Chairman of the College Republican National Committee (4/29/2016) Listen Now

ACEs- Adverse Childhood Experiences: What YOU need to know about this decades old study, and how once community has created a coalition (Northern Michigan Resilience Coalition) to educate (4/27/2016) Listen Now

Ask The Expert- Scott Williams & Tony Consolino of Pro Build welcome their special guest, Jack Lynch from All Tile. Listen Now

Singer/Guitarist, Ashley Peacock, from the Flint based band ‘Building Birds’ joined us for a conversation about making music, rebuilding and the future of Flint (4/22/2016) Listen Now

Parallel 45- A professional Northern Michigan Theatre Company, discusses their latest production of the classic Tennessee Williams play “A Streetcar Named Desire” (4/22/2016) Listen Now

Our Week in Review with Beth Milligan- County budget cuts, Costco & Businesses on the move (4/22/2016) Listen Now

Benzie County Jail Chaplain Robert Wickham tells his story; coming full circle from Prison to Pastoring (4/21/2016) Listen Now

On the anniversary of the Columbine Shooting, Grand Traverse County’s Emergency Management Coordinator discusses the evolution of school security, and what to expect in the future (4/20/2016) Listen Now

A conversation about the newest film from Michael Mittelstaedt, ‘Chasing Daylight’ (4/20/2016) Listen Now

NFPA Safety Show: The Grand Traverse County Hoarding Taskforce wsg Adrian Norris (4/19/2016) Listen Now

Relationship Expert Caren Field from The Path to Partnership joined us to talk about her latest series on relationships (4/15/2016) Listen Now

Grand Rapids based Comedian Stu McCallister was in studio to talk about his life in comedy, and what it feels like to age as a comedian (4/15/2016) Listen Now

Ryan Hannon discusses Almost Home, a fundraiser for Supportive Housing Services put on by Ferris State University Social Work students (4/15/2016) Listen Now

TBAISD Superintendent Mike Hill joins us to talk about the TBAISD’s current fund balance, and what, if anything, might be done to assist struggling school districts (4/14/2016) Listen Now

Mark Henkel, from the National Polygamists Advocates joins us to talk about Utah’s recent decision to restore the ban on polygamy (4/13/2016) Listen Now

#Music Monday- The G Snacks in Studio (4/11/2016)  Listen Now

Dr. Meg Hollis from Tarleton State University discusses the latest study which links elevated lead levels in childhood to increased criminal behaviors as adults (4/7/2016) Listen Now

Paul Hurlbert joined us in studio to talk about his bicycle adventures, and his life after losing his wife in a tragic hit and run accident (4/6/2016)   Listen Now

It’s the first day of baseball and Jason Beck from MLB.com joins us to chat Tiger Baseball for 2016 (4/5/2016) Listen Now

Behind the Prank: Midwestern Broadcasting’s Steve Cook and Jordan Anderson, along with Actor Ben Whiting, unveil and discuss the longest running April Fool’s Day prank in radio history (4/1/2016) Listen Now

Local Attorney, Dave Bieganowski, talks about the legalities and potential issues with a new gun from the company ‘Ideal Conceal’ that is designed to look like a cell phone (4/1/2016) Listen Now

Jean Burke, creator of College Prep Genius, discusses standardized testing woes, and how parents in Texas are boycotting the test by keeping their students home during test days (4/1/2016) Listen Now

Grant Smith from Drug Policy Alliance discusses President Obama’s plan to address the heroin epidemic (3/30/2016) Listen Now

Deb Frisbie discusses the Adoptive Families Support Network- a group designed to offer support and understanding to a variety of adoptive families, including a growing population of Grandparents who are raising their Grandchildren. (3/11/2016) Listen Now

Women In Farming Symposium- Sheryl Oswalt discusses the 25th summit for female farmers from Michigan and beyond (3/11/2016)Listen Now

Weekly News Review with Beth Milligan from TC Ticker- Beth talks GT County’s ballooning pension fund  debt and more… (3/11/2016) Listen Now

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Public Relations specialist for the FBI? What is the delicate balance between investigations and informing the public? Jill Washburn is the PR Director and Media Consultant for the FBI- Detroit Field Division. She spent some time explaining the Bureau overall, and her position. (3/10/2016) Listen Now

Paul Soma, Superintendent of TC Public Schools, discusses emotional school board meeting of March 7th, declining enrollments, and school closures. (3/8/2016) Listen Now

Mental Wellness Counseling- Joe Sanok talks bullying & maintaining positive family relationships in the midst of a polarizing political climate (3/1/2016)Listen Now

TC NewTech- March Meet Up (3/1/2016)Listen Now

Saldaje LIVE in studio (2/29/2016) Listen Now

Chris Copeland, Cyber Crime & Homeland Security Expert, discusses Apple’s resistance to creating a backdoor into its iPhone operating systems and the line between national security and personal privacy. (2/19/2016)Listen Now

Shenandoah Chefalo discusses both her new Memoir, “Garbage Bag Suitcase,” and the overall flaws in the foster care system. (2/19/2016)Listen Now

Mei Fong, author of One Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Experiment (2/12/2016)Listen Now

Fiberoptics in Traverse City? TCLP Tech Director Scott Menhart discusses the future of fiberoptics. (2/9/2016)Listen Now

Golden Intentions- Danielle Gray & Kim Morse join us to talk about their new non-profit which empowers individuals and their families to celebrate end of life. (2/9/2016) Listen Now

Rabbi Yonason Goldson discusses his views on the Oscar Boycott and the question of racism in the Academy Awards.(1/22/2016) Listen Now

Dennis Lennox, Political Analyst, regarding the Flint Water Crisis (1/21/2016) Listen Now

Amanda Wetzel, Assistant Director of the Grand Traverse Lighthouse in Northport, discusses how YOU can become a Lighthouse caretaker for an entire week. (1/20/2016)Listen Now

Kathy Jones & Shawn Husband joined us for our Ask the Expert- Meijer Pharmacy Show. This month, we discussed Naloxone, smoking cessation and flu season. (1/18/2016)Listen Now

Meals for Medicine- Licensed Dietician Kathryn Ayers talks about the real costs of eating an unhealthy diet- and, how you can make healthy eating more affordable. (1/11/2016) Listen Now

48 Hour Scripture Reading at New Hope Church (1/6/2016) Listen Now

A Year in Review- A musically adventurous look back at the best local stories of 2015~With Beth Milligan from Traverse City Ticker (12/31/2015) Listen Now

Pay it Forward- Shelley received a special and unexpected gift from an anonymous hockey team  Listen Now

Meredith Hawes from NFPA with Ken Willette, NFPA division manager of public fire protection: Hoverboards & Fires- What You Need to Know (12/18/2015) Listen Now

Joe Sanok from Mental Wellness Counseling discusses tips on how to /avoid /conflict with family during the holidays (11/24/2015) Listen Now

Wendy Trute from the Grand Traverse County Health Department discusses the measures they’ve recommended to TCAPS to prevent the spread of Chicken Pox in several TCAPS schools. Measures include asking unvaccinated children (and those already infected) to stay home for 21 days (11/24/2015) Listen Now

Meijer Pharmacy- Ask The Expert (11/26/2015) Listen Now

The NFPA Safety Show “Unsafe Science: Meredith Hawes & Laura Monteville discuss the growing safety concerns in High School chemistry classes.” 11/20/2015 Listen Now

Getting to Know You- A Conversation with Mayoral Candidate Jim Carruthers 10/15/2015 Listen Now

Superintendent Paul Soma discusses potential school closures for the region’s largest school district, TCAPS 10/15/2015 Listen Now

Commissioner Gary Howe- Why we’re continuing the 8th Street “Road Diet” 10/14/2015 Listen Now

A Conversation with Mayor Michael Estes 10/12/2015 Listen Now

Vaccine Choice: A Conversation with Megan Flaska 10/7/15  Listen Now

Traverse City State Bank Ask the Expert 10/5/2015 Listen Now

NFPA’s Safety Show with Meredith Hawes 9/22/2015 Listen Now

TC State Bank Ask The Expert 9/21/2015 Listen Now

32nd Annual Crop Walk 9/3/2015 Listen Now

The Meijer Pharmacy Show 8/31/2015 Listen Now

NFPA’s Safety Show with Meredith Hawes 8/28/2015 Listen Now

A Conversation with John Pavlovitz, Pastor & Creator of the blog “Stuff the Needs to Be Said” 08/24/2015 Listen Now

Rabbi Yonason Goldson discusses laziness, happiness and his new book “Proverbial Beauty” 08/21/2015 Listen Now

The Hillary Clinton Email scandal- from the perspective of Luke Adler, a retired Deputy with the U.S. Marshal Service, former FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force member and former NGA officer (08/21/2015) Listen Now

Noah Shaw and Bruce Yoxsimer discuss their start-up project Rent-Able, hitting Northern Michigan neighborhoods NOW  (08/20/2015) Listen Now

Tim Gillen from Terrapin Networks Talks Tech: What’s New, What’s Coming & What are we Afraid of? (08/18/2015) Listen Now

Kevin Jackson discusses his new book “Race Pimping” (08/14/2015) Listen Now

It (was) International Middle Child Day…don’t be too worried if you missed it, the middle child is probably used to it. Celebrating Middle Child Day is the founder of the Smack Dab Blog, Bruce Hopman (08/12/2015) Listen Now

Comedian Catye Palomino joins us for our annual Film Festival conversations…for a funny girl, you might be surprised at her taste in movies (07-30-2015) Listen Now

Where have all the payphones gone? And, for that matter, what happened to the phone booth? Sorry Superman- guess you’re out of luck!  (07-29-2015) Listen Now

Dr. Craig Malkin discusses his new book Rethinking Narcissism (07-28-2015) Listen Now

Awesome Distraction performs LIVE in studio (07-27-2015)Listen Now

Meredith Hawes with NFPA joins us for our monthly Safety Chat. This month we discuss electrical safety (07-24-2015) Listen Now

World class magician, Ben Whiting discusses his new show “Magic  the Rocks” premiering in Traverse City (07-21-2015) Listen Now

Traverse City State Bank “Ask The Expert” (07-13-2015) Listen Now

Former Lions Wide Receiver Herman Moore stops by the studio (07-10-2015) Listen Now

Mean Mary James might not be so mean…but…she knows a thing or two about music. Mary joined us LIVE in studio on the road to Boyne City, just before she heads back to Nashville, TN (07-09-2015)Listen Now

What’s so Weird about Weird Al? We caught up with Al before his concert at the National Cherry Festival (07-06-2015) Listen Now

Robert Coonrod performs LIVE in studio and talks about the L.A. life for aspiring musicians (07-06-2015) Listen Now

Ask The Expert- Meijer Pharmacy (07-06-2015) Listen Now

Bob Doubek, author of Creating the Vietnam Memorial joins us for a look at the controversy behind America’s most visited memorial–that ALMOST never was (07-03-2015)Listen Now

Interlochen Shakespeare Festival “As You Like It” with Bill Church & Shelby Lewis (07-01-2015) Listen Now

Meredith Hawes with National Fire Protection Association- “Food Trucks” with special guests Chief Jim Tuller from TC Fire and Jacqueline Wilmot, Fire Protection Engineer with NFPA (07-01-2015) Listen Now

The Blue Dirt Band’s Jason Schewe LIVE in studio (06-29-2015) Listen Now

Rodasi Campbell discusses opening Source- a new Meditation Space in Downtown Traverse City (06-28-2015)Listen Now

Brotha James LIVE in studio (06-22-2015)  Listen Now

Ask the Expert- Traverse City State Bank (06-15-2015)Listen Now

Ask the Expert- Meijer Pharmacy (06-08-2015) Listen Now

Caren Field, The Path to Partnership (06-12-2015)    Listen Now

Judy Vajda, Parade of Homes Listen Now

Ask The Expert- Carter, Needham, Hathaway Farm Bureau Insurance. Topic: Commercial Insurance, With Special Guest, Tom Murphy (06-02-2015) Listen Now

NFPA Safety Show: This Month’s Topic- “Sprinkler Systems for Private Homes” with Special Guest Tim Travers, NFPA Regional Fire Sprinkler Specialist Listen Now

Michigan’s Auto No-Fault insurance system reform discussion with Tom Sinas, General Counsel, CPAN and Wendy Nienhouse, Agevix (05-18-15) Listen Now

Ask The Expert- Meijer Pharmacy (05-11-2015) Listen Now

Ask The Expert- Carter, Needham, Hathaway and Associates: Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan (5-05-2015) Listen Now

Johann Hari, Best Selling Author of “Chasing the Scream- the First and Last Days of the War on Drugs” (4-29-2015) Listen Now

Musical Guest, Ellie McPherson, performs LIVE in studio (4-27-2015) Listen Now

A Conversation with Liz Kirkwood from For Love of Water (4-20-2015) Listen Now

Ask The Expert- TC State Bank “Buying Your First Home” (4-20-2015) Listen Now

A Conversation with author Garth Stein (4-17-2015) Listen Now

Beth Milligan’s Week in Review (4-17-2015) Listen Now

Ask the Expert Team Bob’s (4-14-2015) Listen Now

Ask the Expert Meijer Pharmacy (4-13-2015) Listen Now

Dr. Wayne Phillips discusses “The Shroud of Turin” and the image of the crucified man (4-8-2015) Listen Now

Ask The Expert- Carter Needham Hathaway Insurance Agency (4-7-2015) Listen Now

Oh Brother, Big Sister & May Erlewine LIVE in studio (4-6-2015) Listen Now

Beth Milligan’s Weekly Wrap-Up “Captain Ayling, Brownfield Funding & Go Tigers.” (4-3-2015)Listen Now

Networks Northwest Career Fair with Michelle Socha & Rick King (4-2-2015)Listen Now

Jim Cook- Grand Traverse County Road Commission (4-1-2015) Listen Now

Jennifer Loup- Dog Behaviorist (3-31-2015) Listen Now

Ask The Expert- Dr. Michael Hutchison with Associates in Family Dentistry (3-31-2015) Listen Now

Ask The Expert- Traverse City State Bank wsg. Nancy Call from Crystal Mountain Realty (3-23-2015)  Listen Now

Ask The Expert- Team Bob’s (3-17-2015)Listen Now

Ask The Expert- Meijer Pharmacy (3-16-2015) Listen Now

Beth Milligan’s Weekly Wrap-Up “Crowdfunding, Unions & Stealing (Wings) from Wal-Mart” (3-13-2015) Listen Now

Ask The Expert- Carter, Needham, Hathaway Insurance (3-10-15) Listen Now

E-Minor performs LIVE in studio (2-23-2015) Listen Now

Ask The Expert: TC State Bank (2-22-2015) Listen Now

A conversation with Lt. Frank Keck: Meth & More in Michigan (2-20-2015) Listen Now

A Conversation with author Ashleigh Rose Bottorff, AMAZING GRACE: OUR LITTLEST HERO (2-20-2015) Listen Now

Beth Milligan’s Weekly Wrap Up (2-20-2015) Listen Now

50 Shades of Abuse?  Jan Langbein from Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support explains why the popular erotica trilogy turned movie is promoting violence and abuse toward women (2-18-2015) Listen Now

David Wheeler, founder and CEO of “Settle For Love” will discuss his brand new dating site that encourages people to be honest about themselves (2-18-2015) Listen Now

WINNING with Tracy Kurtz from Leelanau Sands & Turtle Creek Casinos (2-18-2015) Listen Now

Jessica Pociask, Founder of W.A.N.T  Expeditions discusses her unique travel adventures, and how she started opening up once in a lifetime experiences for adventurist travelers (2-17-2015) Listen Now

Nigel Barker (America’s Next Top Model & The Face)  discusses beauty, fashion & his new book Models of Influence- 50 Women Who Reset the Course of Fashion (2-13-2015) Listen Now

Candid Conversations with Traverse City Manager Jared Ottenwess (2-13-2015) Listen Now

Beth Milligan’s Weekly Wrap Up- TC Ticker & Northern Express (2-13-2015) Listen Now

A conversation with Comedian Ted Alexandro (2-11-2015) Listen Now

The Accidentals wsg. Nick Carmen  LIVE in Studio (2-09-2015) Listen Now

Singing Valentine’s!  TC Central Choral Aires (2-09-2015) Listen Now

A conversation with Detroit Comedian Mike Stanley (1-29-2015) Listen Now

Author and Traverse City native, Scott Coutourier discusses his latest book and the industry and resurgence of fantasy fiction (1-28-2015) Listen Now

Jack Shafer, former FBI Agent, discusses his new book about influencing people and spotting liars (1-15-2015) Listen Now

A conversation with Gregory Alan Isakov (1-12-2015) Listen Now

Bill Marsh Jr. discusses the Automotive Industry and the impact of gas prices (1-7-2015) Listen Now

Dr. Emerson Eggerich- “Love & Respect” (01-07-2015) Listen Now

Joy Weaver: Manners & Etiquette (01-06-2015) Listen Now

John Pavlovitz “The Soul Mate Lie & Protecting Your Weird Marriage” (01-06-2015) Listen Now

Nic Carmen- 9 year old Musical Prodigy (01-05-2015) Listen Now

David Avis, Good On Paper Improv (12-30-2014) Listen Now

Steve Greenman, Mental Wellness Counseling discusses the Intensive Recovery Program (12-30-2014) Listen Now

Beau Warren- Tee See Tee:  More Than Tee Shirts (12-19-2014) Listen Now

Safety Chat- Meredith Hawes & Tobin Javin from the GT County Road Commission (12-19-2014)Listen Now

Ryan Hannon- Street Outreach in Northern Michigan Listen Now

Greg Stone & Karen McCarthy discuss the progress and future of Dan’s House (1-17-2014) Listen Now

Joe Sanok- Mental Wellness Counseling discusses family holiday traditions as well as discipline- when is a spanking too far?  (1-16-2014) Listen Now

Sue Burns- The Baabaazuzu Story (12-16-2014) Listen Now

Sip & Dab- Art for Everyone (12-15-2014) Listen Now

The Vaccination Debate- Every Child By Two (promotes vaccination) Julie Brons, Dr. of Chiropractic Care (promotes exploring vaccination alternatives) (12-12-2014) Listen Now

Todd Kalish, DNR Fisheries Department- Are Salmon in Danger?  (12-10-2014) Listen Now

Traverse City Central Debate Team (12-09-2014) Listen Now

Gary Gatzke in studio- Traverse Symphony Orchestra “Home for the Holidays” (12-08-2014) Listen Now

Dr. Paul Moller discusses his Flying Car- yes, we said FLYING CAR (12-5-2014) Listen Now

Kevin Kelly and students from Greenspire School discuss their “Holiday Project” (12-5-2014) Listen Now

Joe Sanok from Mental Wellness Counseling discusses holiday stress (12-2-2014) Listen Now

Wink Winkleman of Soul Patch joins us LIVE in studio (12-1-2014) Listen Now

John Pavlovitz, “Rogue” Pastor and Author of  faith based blog “Stuff the Needs to be Said” (11-24-2013) Listen Now

Tim Keenan returns from his trip to Vietnam- his first since he was drafted and deployed  in 1968 (11-24-2014) Listen Now

A Christmas Story (Old Town Playhouse Production) Director Joe Kilpatrick in studio (11-24-2014) Listen Now

Charlie Ross- THE One Man Star Wars Show (11-20-2014)   Listen Now

Brian Gartland shares his personal story- a plea for the pertussis vaccine (11-19-2014) Listen Now

Justin Perez dicusses his original Jukebox Musical “The Oz Project” (11-18-2014) Listen Now

Darren Keyton discusses his journey to becoming a Detroit Lion (11-18-2014) Listen Now

Chris Sterr performs LIVE in studio (11-17-2014)  Listen Now

Dr. Roger Marbut discusses innovative ways to solve homelessness (11-17-2014) Listen Now

Inspector Darren Johnson, Hoarding Task Force Expert featured on A&E’s Hoarders, joins us in studio (11-13-2014) Listen Now

Tim Keenan discusses his upcoming trip- Going back to Vietnam for the first time since the Vietnam War. Tim is joined by his son, Jake and documentary filmmakers, Neil Steeno and Robert Woodward                 (11-12-2014) Listen Now

Jen Loup answers your “Canine Questions” and more (11-12-2014) Listen Now

Lucas Paul from The Lucas Paul Band joins us from Ann Arbor, MI (11-10-2014) Listen Now

Anders Kelto discusses his recent trip to Sierre Leone while covering the ebola outbreak (11-10-2014) Listen Now

Rita Mae Brown:  Novelist, Activist and Feminist who will KNOCK your socks off (11-06-2014) Listen Now

Jenn Weber and Kimberly Offutt discuss Foster Care Adoption (11-04-2014) Listen Now

Joe Sanok discusses Depression in Kids and Teens (11-04-2014)  Listen Now

Oh Brother Big Sister LIVE in Studio (10-27-2014) Listen Now

Grand Traverse County Sheriff Tom Bensley discusses  the need for Deputies (10-22-2014) Listen Now

The Younce Guitar Duo with special guest Miriam Pico (10-20-2014)  Listen Now

Ambassador Steven Pifer Discusses the Situation in Ukraine (10-17-2014) Listen Now

A Conversation with Sophie Kinsella (10-14-2014) Listen Now

A Conversation with Levi Britton (10-13-2014) Listen Now

A Conversation about Bullying with Rebecca Garland from Conflict Resolution Services (10-13-2014) Listen Now

“Growing Northern Michigan” A Conversation with Nate Griswold, Owner and Operator of Inhabitect (10-01-2014) Listen Now

Pastor John Pavlovitz- “If My Children Are Gay” Promises from a Christian Pastor and Parent (09-30-2014) Listen Now

PORTRAIT:  A Conversation with Herbert “Bud” McDonnell, WWII Veteran and Author of “Marines Saving Lives: Semper Fi”  (09-24-2014) Listen Now

One to Watch:  Madison Hertel continues to shine on stage (09-23-2014) Listen Now

“The Seat of the Soul”  Author Gary Zukav (09-23-2014) Listen Now

National Cherry Festival Director, Trevor Tkach discusses potential changes with the Cherry Festival (09-22-2014) Listen Now

Enterovisrus D-68 (EV-D68):  What should Northern Michigan Know, with Grand Traverse Health Department Director, Dr. Collins (09-17-2014) Listen Now

Ukraine- The Human Side:  A conversation with Pastor Vanya  (09-16-2014) Listen Now

Jake Slater- Inspired by Elvis (09-15-2014) Listen Now

Chase Maser- Star of “Water Walk,”  A father and son retrace the 1,000-mile Marquette/Joliet journey from the top of Michigan down to the Mississippi at St Louis (09-12-2014) Listen Now

Dr. Amelia Siders, Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center- Sexual Abuse Prevention (09-10-2014) Listen Now

PORTRAIT- Ben Whiting: Magician & Actor (09-12-2014) Listen Now

Traverse City Commissioner, Jim Carruthers discusses the decision to green flag a lease agreement with Safe Harbor fro 517 Wellington St.  (09-09-2014) Listen Now

John Pavlovitz, Pastor & Author of the Blog “Stuff That Needs to Be Said.”  (09-09-2014) Listen Now

The Common Core Standards Discussion- Support:  Carrie Heath-Phillips (09-04-2014)  Listen Now

Mary Rogers- “Back to School for Businesses” (09-03-2014) Listen Now

Donna Skeels Cygan, Author The Joy of Financial Security (09-03-2014) Listen Now

The Common Core Standards Discussion- Opposition:  Phyllis Schlafly (09-02-2014) Listen Now

CM Michaels, Author Blood Sister Series (08-29-2014) Listen Now

Portrait on the Radio:  The Life of Jenifer Strauss (08-27-2014) Listen Now

Ask The Expert: Carter-Needham-Hathaway (08-26-2014) Listen Now

Amy Baumgartner, Author From This Day Forward (08-26-2014) Listen Now

Kurt Manacke, Author Smile & Succeed For Teens 0(8-21-2014) Listen Now

Live From Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island Part One (08-18-2014) Listen Now

Live From Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island Part Two (08-18-214) Listen Now

Bruce Hopman- Middle Child Day (08-12-2014)  Listen Now

Blake Elliott & Rhett Betty LIVE in Studio (08-07-2014) Listen Now

Levi Britton: LIVE in studio, discusses songwriting, inspiration and balancing music and family (07-28-2014) Listen Now

Groupo Aye- Salsa Scene hit Northern Michigan (07-25-2014) Listen Now

To Catch a Disney Predator- Inside the Theme Park Child Pornography Sting (07-24-2014) Listen Now

Lyda Kuth & Erin Trahan discuss their film “Love & Other Anxieties” (07-22-2014) Listen Now

Shame as Punishment- Is it more harmful than helpful?  (07-22-2014) Listen Now

The Cabin Fever Band LIVE in studio (07-21-2014)     Listen Now

Parallel 45- Professional Theater in Northern Michigan (07-18-2014) Listen Now

Veterans Appreciated at Bravo Zulu Brewery (07-16-2014) Listen Now

Ricochet: The Surfing Dog- Judy Fridono talks about a unique therapy (07-15-2014) Listen Now

Steve Largent: Kayak Tours of The Brand New Boardman (07-15-2014) Listen Now

Hope for Homeless- Speak Up Magazine (07-11-2014) Listen Now

Rear Admiral Fred Midgette USCG (07-11-2014) Listen Now

Cherry Picking- Royal Farms, Royal Fruit (07-10-2014) Listen Now

Detective Matt Richmond discusses the Kelly Boyce Hurlbery case (07-10-2014) Listen Now

“Trash Talk- The Psychology Behind Littering” with Joe Sanok (07-08-2014) Listen Now

Trash in Traverse City- John Fall discusses the increase of beach trash (07-08-2014) Listen Now

1 year later: The Kelly Boyce Hurlbert Tragedy (07-07-14) Listen Now

A Conversation with Bob Downes (06-25-2014) Listen Now

Dede Alder LIVE in Studio (06-23-2014)  Listen Now

Wine Warriors (06-10-2014) Listen Now

Mike Moran LIVE In Studio (06-09-2014) Listen Now

Cherry Capital Men’s Chorus (06-04-2014) Listen Now

Ask An Officer with Lt. Brian Giddis (05-30-2014) Listen Now

Jennifer Tavana: Connected to Those Who Have Passed On (05-28-2014)   Listen Now

Leaving Your Personal Legacy (05-27-2014)  Listen Now

Canine Questions with Jennifer Loup (05-21-2014) Listen Now

Girls with Guitars LIVE in Studio!  (05-19-2014) Listen Now

A Conversation about Para Rescue Training in the U.S. Air Force with Riley Huffman & Beau Vore (05-16-2014) Listen Now

A Conversation with Dave Agema (05-15-2014) Listen Now

Mighty Uke Festival- Ryan Dobry & Tony Coleman (05-12-2014) Listen Now

Dr. Claudia Luiz, author of  “Where’s My Sanity?” (05-12-2014) Listen Now

Mental Wellness Parenting with Joe Sanok (05-07-2014) Listen Now

Ron Getz & Mike Davis LIVE JAZZ  in studio (05-06-2014) Listen Now

Andy Marek & Dave Bieganowski- A conversation about Open Carry in Schools (05-05-2014) Listen Now

May the Fourth be With You?  Jodie Brandt explains International Star Wars Day Listen Now

Dr. Michelle Oakley- Yukon Vet- National Geographic Television (05-02-2014) Listen Now

A Recap of the Wolf Hunt with Adam Bump, DNR (04-30-2014) Listen Now

Free Comic Book Day! With Mike Akerly with Top Comics (4-28-2014) Listen Now





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